What should HEI do when they approve changes to the syllabus of degree programmes in operation?

In the case of changes within the scope of institutional autonomy, according to the clauses established by articles 75th to 80th of Decree Law 74/2006, of 24th March, updated by Decree Law 107/2008, of 25th June, such changes do not need an accreditation decision by A3ES. Once approved by the appropriate bodies within the HEI, they must be communicated to Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior (General Directorate of Higher Education) and published in the Official Journal before they are implemented. 

If the foreseen changes do not fit in the scope of the institutional autonomy, then he degree programme must be submitted to A3ES for accreditation as a new degree programme, under the terms of articles 52nd to 60th of the aforementioned Decree Law.