Applications for students interested in participating in the assessment/accreditation process of study programmes


An on-line call is open for students interested in participating in the External Assessment Teams operating in the 4rd year of the 2018-2023 regular cycle of reviews (i.e., in the Teams assessing study programmes in operation submitted to accreditation in December 2020 and assessed in 2020/2021).

The on-line application form, as well as the information on the education areas under assessment in that year and on the conditions to be fulfilled by candidates, are available on the following link:

The notification of the opening of the present application process was sent to all Heads of Higher Education Institutions and to all student unions, with a request for wide dissemination among the students.

Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited to attend a one-day training session in December 2020. The participation in the training session, as well as the presentation of a written paper of about ten pages on a quality assurance theme, to be delivered by February 28, 2021, are a necessary condition for integration in the A3ES’s student-assessors pool.

The period for submission of applications ends at 24:00 on October 31, 2020.