Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees integrates five members, appointed by the Council of Ministers under proposal from the Minister in charge of higher education and in consultation with the organisations representing HEIs, from among personalities of recognised merit and experience. Their term of office is five years, not renewable, although it can be exceptionally extended in one year.

The Board of Trustees has amongst several others, the following competencies:

  1. To appoint the members of the Management Board and of the Appeals Council;
  2. To formulate views about the operation of the Management Board and to issue recommendations for this operation;
  3. To review the Agency’s Annual Activity Plan and the Budget;
  4. To review the agency’s annual management report and the accounting.

At present, the Board of Trustees is composed by:

  • Professor Doctor António Bensabat Rendas, as president;
  • Professor Doctor António Augusto Magalhães da Cunha;
  • Professor Doctor Cristina Robalo Cordeiro;
  • Professor Doctor Maria Manuel Leitão Marques;
  • Dr. Paulo Moita Macedo.