Management Board

The Management Board is comprised of a maximum of seven members, appointed by the Board of Trustees from among personalities of recognised scientific and professional merit, relevant to the Agency’s duties. The number of executive members must not exceed four and the number of non-executive members must not exceed three. The term of office is for four years, renewable.

The Management Board is responsible for performing all the necessary actions for fulfilling the Agency’s objectives that under the terms of the statutes are not committed to other bodies. The Management Board enjoys extensive power of representation and management.

In the domain of higher education quality assurance the Management Board has competency for:

  1. Initiating any assessment and accreditation procedures;
  2. Making final decisions about the above mentioned procedures, both those initiated by the Board and those required by the interested higher education institutions;
  3. The approval of reports resulting from assessment and accreditation procedures;
  4. The potential adoption of the results of assessment or accreditation carried out by other quality assurance bodies, national or foreign;
  5. The approval of norms in the area of higher education quality assurance, with compliance with the terms of reference set in the legal regime for assessment.

At present, the Management Boardis composed by:

  • Professor Doutor João Pinto Guerreiro – president
  • Professor Doutor João António de Sampaio Rodrigues Queiroz – executive member
  • Professor Doutora Helena Maria da Nóbrega Teixeira Avelino – executive member
  • Professor Doutor Miguel Filipe Ferreira Figueira de Faria – non-executive member
  • Investigator Doutora Maria Teresa Braga Valente de Almeida Restivo – non-executive member
  • Professor Doutora Anália Maria Cardoso Torres – non-executive member