Decision Simplification of Study Programme Assessment Procedures

Decision 1/2023

Special Request for Accreditation Renewal of Non-Aligned Study Programmes

As part of the process of simplifying study programme assessment procedures, the A3ES Management Board of Directors has decided to adopt, in an experimental and phased manner, a set of measures that may anticipate some procedures to be applied in the 3rd cycle of assessment of study programmes in operation.

Following Decision 15/2022, and with exclusive application to the processes identified as PERA/2223, the A3ES Management Board determines that the procedures defined for the Via Verde (Fast Track) Regime are extended to all processes whose institutions that, despite not having an IQAS certified by A3ES, have implemented another system of quality assurance, and meet the other conditions set out in the Via Verde Regime. In these cases, study programmes may be proposed for accreditation using a simplified route, without the need to appoint an EAT. However, the appointment of EAT will remain in PERA/2223 when the requirements of the simplified regime are not met.

Lisbon, 3 February 2023
The President of the Management Board
João Guerreiro

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