Fees for assessment and accreditation procedures

Decision 925/2018

Updating of fees for assessment and accreditation procedures

The resumption of the conditions of financial balance of the results of the Agency's activity requires that, in this second regular cycle of evaluation, in addition to the replacement, already operated, of the normal fee to be charged for the study programmes assessment and accreditation procedures,  require that the value of the other fees charged by the Agency should also be updated, albeit for the smallest possible value, and that a small fee be paid for the other procedures relating to the evaluation process, which have so far been provided free of charge.
On the other hand, with a view to facilitate consulting, it is considered appropriate to bring together in a single document all the fees to be charged by the Agency for the various procedures for the evaluation and accreditation of study cycles, including those which are not now subject to change in the amount previously fixed.

So, under the terms of no. 4 of article 7 of Decree-Law no. 369/2007, 5th November, and of item e) of number 2 of article 11 of the Statutes of A3ES, and of article 21 of A3ES Regulation no. 392/2013, 16th October, the Management Board of A3ES determines:

  1. The fees due to the procedure for prior accreditation of new study programmes, as well as to the procedure of assessment/accreditation of study programmes in operation, shall be € 4.500,00 (four thousand and five hundred Euros) for each study programme.
  2. In the case of study programmes in operation which, due to their integration in areas of excellence of the corresponding institution or organisational unit, are covered by the special simplified assessment regime, the fee shall be € 2.250,00 (two thousand two hundred and fifty Euros) for each study programme.
  3. The fees due to the special procedure for study programme accreditation renewal (PERA) shall be € 2.250,00 (two thousand two hundred and fifty Euros) for each study programme.
    1. In case the procedure leads to the need of a full assessment/accreditation, the above mentioned amount will be written off the standard rate of assessment / accreditation.
  4. For the follow-up procedure to assess whether the conditions established in the conditional accreditation of a study programme were met, under the terms of article 36 of A3ES Regulation no. 392/2013, 16th October, a fee of €500,00 is due for each moment of submission of a follow-up report.
  5. For the procedure of assessing a request for changes to the curricular structure and syllabus of a study programme that, in accordance with Decision 2392/2013, 26th December, substantially modify its characterizing elements, a fee of €350,00 is due for each request for changes
  6. The fees due to the procedure for auditing/certification of the internal quality assurance system in a higher education institution shall be € 12.500,00 twelve thousand and five hundred Euros).
  7. The fees due to an appeal to the Appeals Council shall be 3.500,00 € (three thousand and five hundred Euros).
    1. In case the appeal is uphold, the value of the fee will be refunded to the institution.
  8. The fees are paid to the A3ES by bank transfer, prior to the submission of the procedure, request or appeal, as a condition for their acceptance.
  9. Non-payment of the due fee up to the moment fixed in the previous number implies the non-assessment of the claim the appeal presented.
  10. With the publication of this Decision, the previous decisions related to the corresponding fees are revoked, namely Decision 797/2017, 29th August; & 7.1 of Decision 158/2015, amended by Decision 52/2017, 20th January; Decision 1481/2013, 18th July; and Decision 808/2010, 3rd May.
  11. This decision shall enter into force and take effect on the day following that of its publication.
July 3, 2018 – The President of the Management Board, Alberto Manuel Sampaio de Castro Amaral